Providing a smooth and hassle-free process

Offering assistance whenever needed

Whether this is your first renting experience or you are an experienced tenant, we will provide valuable assistance to guide you in finding your ideal accommodation.

Our objective is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Our knowledgeable Property Managers will keep you well-informed throughout every step of the journey.

Additionally, our team is readily available to address any maintenance requests you may have, offering you assistance whenever needed.

What renters are saying

  • Thank you for giving us a chance 4 years ago when no one else would! It has been a pleasure knowing you. All the best for the future.



  • When I was down on my luck with a separation and needed to get a rental property fairly quickly, Linda took me on board as a tenant and she was nothing but amazing to deal with, if there was any little issue with property that need sorting it was done immediately with no fuss, I was never micro managed as some rental property agents can do, simply effortless to deal with and an absolute pleasure.



  • FAQ's - Key questions

    • How much is the rent, bond and advanced rent?

      A bond: this is four weeks’ rent, and is a deposit to protect landlords against tenants who default on rent payments or cause damage to the property.

      Advanced rent: you should expect to pay one or two weeks’ rent ahead of time. This is your first rent payment and means you don’t make an additional rent payment for the period paid.

      Because the amounts will vary depending on the rental property, it’s important to find out the exact sums, as well as the weekly amount you’ll pay in rent.

    • Is it possible to have a pet?

      This will be dependent on individual owners. This can be discussed on a case by case basis. Please ensure you let the Property Manager know if you do have a pet, as it can become problematic if the pet is not added to the tenancy agreement. The remediation of any pet damage is tenant responsibility.

    • Is the home Heathy home compliant?

      The healthy homes standards for rental properties mean that there are minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress, drainage and draught-stopping.

    • Do any furnishings and whiteware come with the home?

      Chattels are furnishings and fixtures that’ll stay in the property once you take over the lease. This can be anything from curtains to fridges to sofas.

    • Who will be managing the property?

      It is important to establish who will be your main contact once you’ve moved in.

      Maintenance issues will come up from time to time and when this occurs, you’ll need a timely response, so make sure your point of contact is confirmed ahead of time.

    • When is the move-in date, is there any flexibility?

      It’s well worth confirming this information when you go to view the property. There’s no point applying for a home if the move-in date doesn’t fit with your plans.